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Keri Oldham

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All Our Endings
Night of the Comet
Blue Candle Ending
Cloudy Ending
Artist's Statement

My work explores our intense connection to movies and characters as a way of understanding our own place in reality. In my recent series 'Space for All Endings,' the work presents paintings and video in a collection of different cinematic endings that explore memory, time and space. The pieces combine film ending fonts from movies created between the 1930s-1970s. The ending' are then attached to planetary constellations traveling through time and space. My work is an attempt to bring the grandiose sense of film and audience into more private and personal terms. I am also a writer and curator as well as co-founder of Field Projects, an artist-run project space in Chelsea.


2007 MA San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA
2003 BA Loyola University New Orleans, LA, Philosophy

2013 Crystal Cracked, Honey Ramka, NY
2013 Boom Town, The Dallas Museum of Art, TX
2013 Mythical Beasts, One Mile Gallery, NY
2013 Space For All Endings: Keri Oldham, Kirk Hopper Gallery, Dallas,TX
2013 ten, Jen Bekman Gallery, NY
2012 Rara Avis, One Mile Gallery, NY
2012 Fools Gold, RH Gallery, NY
2012 Souvenir, Camel Art Space, NY
2011 Try 2.1 Auction, Jen Bekman Gallery, NY
2011 Happy Endings, The Reading Room, Dallas TX
2011 2nd Semi-Annual, Dave Bown Projects, NY
2011 Sex/Twist. Kirk Hopper Gallery, Dallas, TX
2011 Fountain Art Fair NYC, Camel Art Space
2010 Off the Grid, Camel Art Space, NY
2009 Keri Oldham: Watercolors, CentralTrak Corridor Gallery, Dallas, TX