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Kenneth Schnall

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Consider 20010 oil/canvas moumted wood, interfacing 19 in.h 12 in. w 8 in. d w
Double Down - 2010 oil/canvas mounted wood interfacing 24 in.h 17 in. w 12 in. d
Tender- 2010 oil/canvas mounted on wood, interfacing 20 in.h 14 in.w 8i n.d
Oroheo Please 2010 oil/canvas mounted on wood interfacing 17 in. h 20 in.w 5 in.d
Torisoine Rossa 2009 oil/canvas mounted wood interfacing 22 in.h 40 in. w 8 in.d
Artist's Statement

In this work I am interested in ways that a painting can in visual ways live in real space but also suggest at times an inner place outside a defined landscape, a moment out of time.
This shaped painting form suggests body references and in their energy, like a poem hold multiple meanings. Are these angeli , free floating across the the walls surface, with a special message? Maybe!
These paintings declare themselves decisively as painted objects transformed.
The folds, rolls, creases and edges are active visual devices in the paintings structure that suggest space and movement. Sometimes linear elements whip over involved shapes with a life of their own to provoke emotional response and reveal fresh possibilities for visual interpretation.


Kenneth Schnall completed graduate studies in fine arts and art history. He participated in intensive study and painting at the School of Visual Arts, MFA program in Urbino. Italy He came into contact there with and was influenced by a group of international artists associated with the Italian Transvanguardi Art Movement.
In 1995, Ken received a painting fellowship for study in Venice, Italy, from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. and received other Dodge foundation grants for art residencies. He won an NEA grant for printmaking at Rutgers University Center for Innovative Printmaking. He has had three solo exhibitions in New york City and recently exhibited in New Jersey State museums and art centers. His paintings and book arts have been exhibited in university and national exhibitions.His work is in corporate and New Jersey State collections.