Ken Butler

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Hybrid Indstruments at Sideshow Gallery 2006
"Tilted Picnic" interactive installation, DAI, 2008
"Object Opera", Interactive installation, TWS, NY, 1995
"Urban Grand Piano", Interactive sculpture, 1998
"Styrotone Grand Piano", Interactive sculpture, 2002
Artist's Statement

Contemporary urban life is a bewildering collage of multiple images, ideas, sounds, and objects in a constant state of flux as information overload becomes the touchstone of our age. As we move from the mechanical to the electronic, this churning mass chews up and spits out material with re-assigned priorities and updates. The resulting detritus is a living corpse - a random and chaotic body of juxtaposed and deconstructed items and associations. From this storehouse of forsaken objects and hardware I, the urban bricoleur, further dismantle and reassemble the consumer society into functional assemblages in the form of musical instrument/objects, then coax them to sing for their supper.


Ken Butler is an artist and musician whose Hybrid musical instruments, performances, installations, and other works explore the transformation of objects, images, sounds and silence. Exhibitions and performances include The Stedelijk Museum, The Prada Foundation, The State Hermitage Museum, Mass MoCA, and The Kitchen, Brooklyn Museum, Lincoln Center and The Metropolitan Museum in NYC. His works have been reviewed in The NY Times, Village Voice, Artforum, Smithsonian, and Sculpture Mag, PBS, CNN, MTV, and NBC. Awards from the NYFA, the NEA, and Pollack/Krassner Foundation.