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Katya Grokhovsky

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
For Andy my Love on A stick, used mens clothes, wig, cowgirl toy gun, 2012
Having a BALL, 2011, performance for photo, digital print
Untitled Heroics, 2011, performance for photo, digital print
I want more, 2011, three channel video installation and performance
what?, 2012, watercolors on paper, 8x10
Artist's Statement

Grokhovsky’s practice is varied and diverse. She investigates the autobiographical and fictionally constructed evidence of her own life of a woman, through various disciplines. Geographical and cultural displacement intermingle into a mélange of the personal and political in her work. Past ideals, current ideological and economic states heroically intertwine onto an emotionally charged artistic platform, in which she operates.

Aesthetically and historically, Grokhovsky pulls from the languages of cultural clichés, dance, art history, cinematic genres, feminist theory, social media and current world events. Often, she facilitates participatory live situations, where the audience takes precedence as a participant and her female body is offered to the public for analysis. Grokhovsky works in mediums such as live performances and actions, video, installations, photography, drawing, painting, text, collage, costume and sculpture.


Australian/Ukrainian artist Katya Grokhovsky lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She has an MFA in Sculpture (2011) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA and a BFA in Painting (2007) from Victorian College of the Arts, Australia. Grokhovsky’s work has been shown in venues such as Watermill Center, NY, Chashama, NYC, Ukrainian Institute of America, NYC, Pool Art Fair, NYC, Fountain Art Fair, NYC, Gallery 151, NYC, Fowler Arts Collective, Brooklyn, Museum of Russian Art, Jersey City, New Jersey City University Gallery, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, Cue Foundation, NYC, Chelsea Art Museum, NYC, Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico, Defibrillator gallery, Chicago, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, Performing Arts Forum, France, Victoria Park Gallery, Australia, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, Bus Projects, Melbourne, Australia and many more.