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Katsuhiro Saiki

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Divide #1, 2003, c-prints, plexiglas, 48 x 71-5/8 inches
Parallax #3-1, 2008, c-print, plexiglas, plywood, 64 x 82 x 70 inches
Place, 2002, c-print, plexiglas, plywood, paint, 7-1/8 x 47-1/4 x 47-1/4 inches each
Repetition #4, 2002, polaroids, plexiglas, wood panel, 29-1/2 x 80-1/8 inches
Parallax #5, 2009, C-print, 24 x 48 inches
Artist's Statement

My work involve in differences between visual contexts both in everyday life and in the visual arts, and decompose and displace the visual frameworks in order to prompt the viewers to rethink of what and how we are looking at.


Born in Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in New York

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