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Katie Shelly

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
from the series "KINGS"
from the series "Princes"
still from video "SEE//EAT"
scene from "Rage"
set design for "Patterns of Inheritance"
Artist's Statement

I am a visual artist based in Queens. I invent fantastical worlds, creatures and beliefs, and illustrate them through video, drawing, photos, movement, puppetry and installation. I don’t think there’s any difference in my approach to making a photo, versus a drawing, versus a collage, versus a film, versus an installation. It’s all imagery, and it’s all make-believe.


Born and raised in NYC. Recent graduate of Wesleyan University. Interested in multimedia collaboration. Interested in overwhelming the senses. Interested in layering. Interested in the arbitrary. Interested in decay. Disinterested in genre. Disinterested in objects. Extra disinterested in perfection.