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Katherine Daniels

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Paradisical Jannah Bouquet
Olam Haba Bouquet
Heavenly Blossoms
Omeyocan Infloresence
Deva Loka Poesy
Artist's Statement

Paradise Pieces is an installation of beaded, abstract, wall relief sculptures named with words for paradise and heaven from many languages and religions. The installation creates a garden of beauty and peace as an ideal that stands in opposition to human suffering and goes deep into human history and broadly across many cultures and religions. These sculptures create an immersive environment that heightens awareness of natural structures, and through adornment and repetition is a meditation on our relationship to paradise as a physical and emotional setting. This paradisiacal garden represent the human need to counter our acts of destruction by creating and cultivating beauty.


Katherine Daniels creates sculptures, site specific installations, and outdoor public art pieces with beads and repurposed materials. She is a recipient of a 2013 Puffin Foundation Grant and a 2011 and 2012 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Manhattan Creative Communities Fund Grant. She was awarded the 2012 Clare Weiss Emerging Artist Award for Public Art from the New York City Parks Department. Ms. Daniels has also been awarded a Chashama Foundation studio (2005 - 2013), a 2009 AIM (Artists in the Market Place) participation at the Bronx Museum, a 2003 PS.122 Project Studio, a 2001 Artist-in-Residence at the Henry Street Settlement, a 2000 Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Space Program grant and a 2000 New York Foundation for the Arts Artists’ Fellowship in painting. She is a graduate of Rhodes Island School of Design and Johnson Sate College. For more information go to and