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Katerina Kyselica

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Artist's Statement

Through my work, I seek understanding of the individual’s own existence. In the social system pre-occupied with rapid technological advancement, I look inward to explore established roles and expectations, speaking of entrapment and involuntary entanglement. I work with photography, drawings, and hand-pulled prints. While photography with captured ‘happenstances’ of my surroundings feeds my inspiration, drawing and printmaking occupies my daily life.

My works on paper are composed in series. Multiplication has become the driving factor as it allows me to experiment with interchangeability of individual elements. Hence printmaking – which I choose for its versatility and level of craftsmanship it requires. I explore the medium in combination with drawings to create larger scale 2D and 3D works.


Born in the Czech Republic, Katerina Kyselica graduated from the Charles University in Prague. In 2006, she received BFA from the VCU School of the Arts in Richmond, Virginia after relocating to the US. She currently lives and works in New York City where she has been studying printmaking at Manhattan Graphics Center - intaglio with Master Printer Vijay Kumar and lithography with Arnold Brooks. Her fine art prints and works on paper have been exhibited in several group shows in New York and in the Czech Republic. Her first solo show of etchings, collages and relief objects will be held in April 2013 at Manhattan Graphics Center, New York.