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Katelyn Alain

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Ever Onward To The Sea, 60x96", oil on canvas
Awaiting, 48x60", oil on canvas
As It Is Now (right side detail of diptych), 96x60", oil on canvas
Observing Culpability, 36x48", oil on canvas
Traversing 9th Street, 40x58", oil on canvas
Artist's Statement

I often perceive the passing of time as a cinematic display of sights, sounds, and abstract symbols in constant motion. At the same time I find myself selectively cancelling out the noise of all that the brain ingests and I contemplate what is left. I aim to capture the essence of this perception using oil paint and figuration to press pause on the formative stage of comprehension.

I am interested in new ways to interpret information that illuminates our understanding of specific experiences. Because the past not just sheds light on, but establishes an understanding of the present, my painting process combines the distortion of memory with direct representation to create a fusion of past, present and inevitable fiction. I work from the understanding that the heightened and misguided nature of memory that is distilled out of dreams and subconscious histories is a real part of self-reflection and an essential component of reality.


Katelyn Alain’s paintings first gained national attention through a 2007 Wall Street Journal article while she was a graduate student in Wisconsin. The article profiled artists who where successfully selling their work to collectors online. Her paintings have since been shown at a number of galleries throughout the U.S. and profiled in art publications. The paintings in her first solo exhibition, The Age of Illuminated Phenomena, were featured in the October 2009 issue of American Art Collector magazine.

Alain holds an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BFA from the Hartford Art School that included one year of study at the Marchutz Painting School in Aix, France. Academic awards include the Lois G. Roberts Scholarship and the Kenneth Brown and Robert Kaentje Award for painting as well as a graduate faculty nomination for the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant.