Kate Burnet & Dan Woerner

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
The pantomime format is utilized to tell a story about a character stranded in the desert with only his dim-witted instincts.
Excerpted clips from an animated piece using footage from The Day The Earth Caught Fire and original drawings of cars on fire.
Kate Burnet &
Dan Woerner
Artist's Statement

Kate Burnet and Dan Woerner live and work in Long Island City, NY and the desert of west Texas on the Terlingua Ranch. They make videos, installations and sometimes objects that graft our memories of the past and our prospects for the future from fragments of pop culture and other detritus. They are interested in creating environments that change our sense of reality while displacing us bodily as well as telling stories that are as old as dirt. As collaborators in art and life, they attempt to make their work not about the compromises that are customary between two or more individuals who artistically create together but about a situation where collaboration itself takes over and becomes the third party which is truly present and primary.