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Karla Nath

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Beggining of Modular construction
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Artist's Statement

Through out the last couple of years I've found myself experimenting with metal, angles and geometrical shapes. Experiencing the unknown and channeling it through this medium is what thrives my work at the moment. Sometimes I rather not know what Im doing except that I should keep on building what needs to become. I gather this feeling from collective experiences and our consciousness . I also think that we are all trying to express ourselves -creatively or not, to the best of our capabilities and understanding the basics of our own design and what surrounds us is what we all share as humans. I have let all the different pieces that I've made be what they want to be not knowing the end result. To me, this is more important than any ulterior motive I might have. Its like an interaction between myself and another world in the universe that is dying to come out. This is what I mostly base my work on.


Brooklyn based, Karla Nath is an Ecuadorian artist.
Since the age of 10, she has practiced many art disciplines including drawing, oil painting, and sculpting.
In 2005 moved away from her home country to pursue her career in a place with a broader field of interest.
2009, attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for her college degree in which she studied digital arts. Here she realizes her real love for fine arts.

Through out the three different places she has lived, Nath has enriched her life allowing her to produce a more honest work.
She is currently attending the Art Student League of New York.