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Karen Ostrom

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
The End, 2010 [6:07]
Hand gLove, 2009 [2:25]
Artist's Statement

I use photography, animation, video and installation to create narrative structures that invite the viewer to infer alternate narratives based on contradictory or paradoxical conditions. Humorous and melancholic, the work is an exploration of inference, the psychological spaces in between, and the gaps in our language where we communicate.

The video The End is the closing credits to a movie never made, however the credits play out ‘in order of appearance’ providing clues to the imagined cinematic experience. As a result, the movie only ever really exists in the minds of the viewer.

The animated video Hand gLove is a playful musing on gesture. Harkening back to the amputations and the anthropomorphizing of body parts by the Surrealists, the animated narrative plays out a tryst between two hands that is divisively ambiguous in both conclusion and assigning gender, inviting the viewer to privately project their own conclusions.


Karen Ostrom is a Canadian born Brooklyn based artist working in photography, installation, video and most recently, animation. She is the recipient of MacDowell Colony Artist Fellowships, Canada Council for the Arts Grants, the Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography from the Canada Council, and a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship.