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Karen Fitzerald

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
I am a Thousand Winds That Blow, 2009, 33"x26", image 20" oil with 23k gold on prepared paper
Lucerito, 2009, 33"x26", image 20" oil with silver on prepared paper
Mirror, 2009, 33"x26", image 20" oil with 23k gold and copper on prepared paper
Silvery River of Heaven, 2009, 33"x26", image 20" oil with silver on prepared paper
Sky Calls to the Sea, 2009, 33"x26", image 20" oil with 12k gold, copper and dyed Dutch gold on prepared paper
Artist's Statement

For 20 years I have been working exclusively in the tondo form. Roundness is fundamental to my visual thinking.  The form is not only nature’s most efficient, it is also uniquely able to convey a subtle essence of interconnection, wholeness and metaphysical purpose. 
These new gilded works began several years ago.  I created a small group of paintings called “Entropy Undone.”  They were ruminations on transformation: what happens at a point of transformation?  The title refers to our world – our entropic, physical plane.  Things tend to degenerate in our world, yet there are moments when degeneration stops or is reversed, when something transforms.   These works imagine the point when entropy becomes undone.


Karen Fitzgerald’s work has been widely exhibited in the United States.  The Milwaukee Art Museum, the Queens Museum of Art, Islip Art Museum and the Sonoma Museum of Visual Art have featured her work.  A variety of public and private collections include her work: the New York Public Library, the Reinhart Collection (Germany) and many others.  The Greenwall Foundation, Queens Community Arts Fund and Women’s Studio Center have all supported her with individual artist’s grants.  She has completed commissions for the NYC Public Art for Public Schools program, CITYarts, Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning and Maple Grove Cemetery.