Karen Chan

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
TOY BOAT (Super 8mm, 3:37, color, sound, 2010)
FLAG (Super 8mm, 3:50, loop, color, sound, shot at Coney Island, NY, 2009)
HOTEL (Super 8mm, 3:10, black and white, sound, shot in Berlin, 2009)
ESCAPE: SOUND & VIDEO INSTALLATION (Three videos, loop, color, sound, 2009)
TREES (Screen print on paper, 2009)
Artist's Statement

I am a multimedia artist based in New York City working mainly in film, video, sound, and photography. My work utilizes these mediums to explore the delicate relationships between space, time, and memory. I am interested in showing how these entities are inextricably connected to our everyday lives and consciousness. Through manifestations of internalized experiences such as loneliness, alienation, and fear, I hope to express awareness of the inexplicable, the ambiguous, and the infinite mysteries that lives within us.