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Kareem Wright

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Artist's Statement

Art is a therapeutic and relaxing self-esteem booster. I don't categorize my art under one particular style--whatever comes to mind, I create. As a young aspiring artist from Brooklyn who used art and music as a positive outlet in a negative environment, I wish to fuse my personal experiences with my unique artistic style to create the sights and sounds of my creative world. One thing that will always remain important to me is leaving my audience with an influential message. With the tools of imagination and inspiration, I will transform dark energy into light visually and sonically.


Kareem Wright (born February 8, 1994) is CKMWRII, an American neo-expressionist/abstract painter. His artistic journey began as a child from drawing from comic books to magazine. Now, His primary source of inspiration comes from his personal life experience and global issues. His art is characterized by conspicuous composition, contrasting shapes, rough brushstrokes and vibrant colors.