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Juniper Foster

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
the golden calf 2014 5x7"
guitarist girl 2014 5x5"
the contortionist 2015 6x6"
the hunting party 2014 16x20"
the long afternoon 2015 30x40"
Artist's Statement

- to be able to see feel and define and create what cannot be defined: you cannot say what it is you are only able to experience it and that is magnificent
As I paint, my ethnicity exposes itself to me. Tiny villages, vaudeville faces, humble goats, secret lovers and floating fairy tales crowd my canvases. Scaring me and delighting me through endless scenarios.
The process is dangerous. It’s impossible to plan a composition and maintain a raw unencumbered aliveness that I strive for. The finished piece wantsto be like an open book, with all the pages layered over itself—in semi-transparency. Vibrant, yet fragmented. Complete yet mysterious. Dreamlike.
I strive to take you on a journey but I want you to see my bruises and scrapes along the way.
It breaks my heart sometimes—that the first layers of a painting are mostly hidden at the end, but I leave you a trail of clues. So you can feel perhaps some of what I felt as I painted.


june 12-14 Highline Open Studios Chelsea 2015 at Harry Folsom Studio
421 7th ave suite 1104, entrance is on west 33rd street
call me at 646-337-1176
call Harry at 646-246-9403

february-april 2016:
Solo Show
Main Street Gallery
CBSRZ Chester CT
(I am honored to be showing my work next year at Main Street Gallery in the only temple designed by Sol LeWitt )

Juniper has studied Fine Art at Goucher College, The Maryland Art Institute, with Graziella de Solodow, and Harry Folsom
she has been showing at Harry Folsom's studio for two years
please see full bio and full artist statement at