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Juliana Velez

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Part of a 21 pieces collection
Part of a 21 pieces collection
Part of a 21 pieces collection
Part of a 21 pieces collection
Part of a 21 pieces collection
Artist's Statement

Two months and a half (nights and weekends only) were necessary for this woman, who had never taken a painting lesson before, to finish an entire collection of 21 pieces, named Get Closer: Paintings with an Important Message!, each painting carrying a particular message.

Juliana makes a call to humanity to stand together, as siblings as we all are and to connect to Our True Selves, Nature and the Universe. She brings a message of Love and Brotherhood.


Juliana Velez, a woman of 24 years old, arrived in New York City approximate a year ago to work in and architectural and engineer company. She realized that what she had studied in Colombia, architecture, wasn’t really her passion and it wasn’t making her happy at all. In the middle of her search to find the true happiness she found herself writing and drawing in a notebook every little possible thing that her heart and mind told her to. After a while, she realized that this notebook was given her a very clear message: ‘Start painting now’.

As soon as she touched the canvas with a brush, she connected herself to a ‘state’ that was totally new for her, a ‘state’ of pure and unconditional Love. She knew that she had come to this Earth to paint, with her heart, and to share this beautiful feeling with others.

Originally from Bogota, Colombia. She lives now in New York City.