Julian Hsiung

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Contemporary Men # 10.
Contemporary Men # 5.
Contemporary Men # 11.
Contemporary Men # 9.
Contemporary Men # 14.
Artist's Statement

J H Art Statements

A figurative and portraiture painter with a contemporary sense. The goal of my work is to catch the expressions and characters of sitters/models but not the classical sense of the conservative portraiture. The contemporary male & female who lives in this very complicated sociality inspires me and I want to catch and record those moments with paint brushes on my canvases.


Julian Hsiung is a New York based self-taught artist who specialized in painting portraits and figurative art.

Born in Beijing and raised in Taiwan, During the mid 60's, he discovered Western magazines, books and that forever changed how he saw the world around him. Through those magazines, books, he became enamored by fashion and contemporary art.

He moved to New York, where he could submerge himself in his passions. From the late 1970s until May 2008, Julian worked in the fashion industry. After dabbling in painting in 1979 and 1980, he officially set up an artist’s studio in Dumbo, New York in 2007.