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Juan Carlos r Lora

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Title: Flor Del Sol, Size: 60''x36'', Medium: oil, acrylic, latex on wood
Title: Dots, Size: 16''x20'', Medium: oil, acrylic, latex on canvas
Title: Ghosts, Size: 28''x35'', Medium: acrylic on canvas
Title: Ice, Size: 28''x35'', Medium: oil, acrylic, latex on glass
Title: Negative, Size: 46''x24'', Medium: oil, acrylic, latex on wood
Juan Carlos
r Lora
Artist's Statement

I consider myself to be a channel or an instrument of my art to help it become. And then, once it’s done, I look at it for the first time. All materials presented by the artist and planet3arth are protected by copyrights law, from ideas to technique to style, to prevent any unwanted "borrowing". That being said, we recommend you be original instead.


Juan Carlos r Lora is a Dominican/American figure abstract painter, trained since the age of 4 by Dominican top painter, Candido Bido and later, in young adulthood, mentored by Turkish/Dominican painter/poet, Aquiles Azar Senior. At the age of 18 the Theater of Beaux Arts showed interest in the young artist and set up a 20 piece exhibit. Ever since, Juan Carlos has continued to sell paintings via word of mouth in New York, Orlando, Spain, England, Canada and the Dominican Republic. In 2010 he, along with his agent set up a company called Planet3arth in which his paintings are sold to private parties and regional businesses in New York and Florida.