Joyce Washor

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"White Pitcher and Roses" 4x3 inches, oil on board
"Silver Metamorphosis" 4x3 inches, oil on board
"Bubble Glass and Flowers" 3x4 inches, oil on board
"Red Tablecloth" 4x3 inches, oil on board
"Study in Neutrals" 3x4 inches, oil on board
Artist's Statement

Many of the painting principals that I had learned throughout the years didn’t make sense until I started painting on a smaller scale. In downsizing my images I didn’t want to lose any part of the painting process that I had used in my larger works. I love the intimacy of creating small works and I found it to be the perfect tool to investigate color, composition and form. Working small is comfortable for my body and freeing for my spirit.


Joyce Washor graduated from Rutgers University in 1972 with a degree in Fine Art and

had further instruction at The Woodstock School of Art and The Art Students League.

She was included in the 2005 Still life Highlights issue of American Artist

Magazine and was also featured in their September 2003 issue. Her Scottsdale Artists’

School workshop was featured in “Workshop Magazine”, Spring ’06. She is author of

Big Art, Small Canvas: Paint Easier, Faster and Better with Small Oil Paintings, North

Light Books, 2006 and creator of two painting videos. Washor is represented

by The Lawrence Gallery (Scottsdale, AZ), The Aspen Group (Tokyo, Japan) and The

Crane Collection (Cape Ann, MA). Her paintings are in many private collections. More

information is on her website,