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Joy Garnett

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Explosion, Black & Yellow (2009) oil on canvas. 26 x 32 inches
Explosion, White & Grey (2009) oil on canvas. 26 x 32 inches
Explosion, Yellow & White (2009) oil on canvas. 32 x 26 inches
Yellow Smoke (2009) oil on canvas. 26 x 30 inches
Bloom (2009) oil on canvas. 54 x 60 inches
Artist's Statement

My work is associated with the 'apocalyptic sublime', a metaphysical condition of combined astonishment and terror in the presence of huge natural or uncanny human and technological forces. I cull my source images from the Internet on a daily basis and reinvent them as paintings, which I execute in single sessions. Through this process, I am able to engage and absorb complex image-events, illuminating the gaps between firsthand experience and purely media-driven realities.


Joy Garnett is an artist who lives and works in New York. Her paintings, culled from news photographs, military documents and other images she gathers from the Internet, examine the apocalyptic sublime at the intersections of media, politics and culture. Garnett is a 2004 recipient of a grant from Anonymous Was a Woman, and serves as Arts Editor for the scholarly journal Cultural Politics. Notable past exhibitions include That Was Then...This Is Now, P.S.1/MoMA (2008), and Image War, Whitney Museum of American Art (2006). She is represented by Winkleman Gallery, New York City.