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Joshua Johnson

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Carboniferous 1, 2011, pigmented polyester resin, 10x6x7 in
untitled, 2012, coat hangers, jacket, tic tacs, urethane resin, hot glue, 16x17x36 inches
Ouroboros, 2012, plastic dinnerware, epoxy putty, hot glue, 21x20x2.5 in
Wurm, 2012, toothbrushes, urethane resin, 49x2.5x23 in
Shibboleth 4, 2011, coins, paper, graphite, glue, 16x16 in
Artist's Statement

For a period of about two billion years, bacterial organisms were the dominant life-form on Earth. During this period, the Earth’s atmosphere experienced a rapid transformation, as early cyanobacteria photosynthesized oxygen from the oceans, loosing hydrogen into space. Oxygen pollution of the atmosphere resulted in further evolution, producing an explosion of new types of bacteria, and provoking the first mass extinction as the terraformation of the atmosphere destroyed almost all organisms unable to survive an oxygen rich environment.

The existence of the manufactured object is in-itself a unique miracle deriving from the evolutionary growth of capital in the soil of human relations and requires the organization and structural support of a complex machinic ‘organism’. As the late-capitalist environment undergoes accelerating upheaval, how will our products adapt in response? How will we adapt to them?


Joshua Johnson’s work examines the relations between humans and common objects. He takes inspiration from productivist theories of design, object oriented philosophy, science fiction, and mutant sounds. His objects and installations often twist the inorganic products of capitalist culture, questioning the subject/object dichotomy. In 2011 he was a resident artist at the Fiskar’s Artist in Residence program in Fiskars, Finland. He has exhibited works at Columbia College Chicago, the Convent of St. Cecilia in Brooklyn, and Riviera Gallery amongst others. He received an MFA from Hunter College in 2011 and his BFA from Western Michigan University in 2005 with a double major in Painting and Philosophy.