Joseph Karoly

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Chuck, 72" x 60", fresco on canvas
Cindy, 72" x 60", fresco on canvas
Double Elvis, 72" x 60", fresco on canvas
Pollock/Bidlo, 72" x 60", fresco on canvas
ART, 72" x 60", fresco on canvas
Artist's Statement

Over the last thirty years, I have developed a technique that allows me to employ the materials inherent to fresco on a canvas support. Fresco is an unlikely medium for replicating the codified ‘ look’ of either ostensibly expressive tropes or mechanical modes of representation. The inherent technical limitations of fresco are one of the reasons I chose to work in this medium. Mechanical reproduction is not the point of my program. I feel that the most direct and revealing method of critically evaluating a medium or practice is through that medium. Fresco also conveys a link to painting’s ancient origins as well as to Modernist concerns of process and materiality. The images are constructed on a grid, and methodically ‘translated’ by hand, often requiring several years for completion. I do not use photographic aids, projectors, or mechanical means in producing these works.


at Bond Gallery, NYC;Robert Pardo Gallery, NYC; Grey/McGear ModernGallery, Santa Monica, CA ;Kim Foster Gallery, NYC; FosterPeet Gallery, NYC; 808 Penn Modern Gallery, Pittsburgh; 808 Penn Modern Gallery, Pittsburgh; Scott Hanson Gallery, NYC; Griffin/McGear Gallery, NYC; Cornwall Gallery, NYC; Seibu, Tokyo, Japan; and 101 Wooster Gallery, NYC

at Metaphor Contemporary Art, Bklyn, NY; Art League of Long Island, NY; NY Arts Gallery, NY; Robert Pardo Gallery, NY; Grey/McGear Modern Gallery, Santa Monica; Grey/McGear, Santa Monica; Boritzer/Gray/Hamano Gallery, Santa Monica; 808 Penn Modern, Pittsburgh, PA; Galerie Pecka, Prague, Czech Republic; FosterPeet Gallery, NYC; Scott Hansen Gallery, NYC; Galerie Stendahl, NYC; Sally Hawkins Gallery, NYC; Scott Hansen Gallery, NYC; I-BA, Tokyo, Japan; New Jersey Center for Visual Arts at Rutgers University, NJ