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Joseph Bottari

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Studio Location
"Cirque de Wall Street" 24" x 36" Acrylic, Iridescent aerosol, & Lacquer on canvas
"DGX Steroids" Coming soon to a Jersey Shore Pharmacist near you! 24" x 36" Acrylic, Lacquer, & Enamel on canvas
14" x 17" Graphite on Carton Bristol
14" x 17" Graphite on Carton Bristol "Leave your misfortune outside my door" Current Project working on.
8.5" x 11" Graphite on printer paper "Giraffesaurus Rex"
Artist's Statement

Exposing conspiracy with creativity to the unobservant through Fine Art. I am not one to preach that is why I generate pieces in a form of riddle for the viewer to interpret on his/her own, pushing the envelope ever so slightly without over stepping bounderies. Even though I am not there in the flesh, I am...through my art. Your given this opportunity of how technical my thought process works.
I work consists of working with graphite, acrylic, make-up, aerosole, and stencils.


My name is Joseph Bottari, I live just north of Williamsburg in a neighborhood named Greenpoint. I am blessed to live above my studio. I am the type that has a pad and pencil in every room to quickly sketch/jot down at any given moment. I am a creature of self discipline, observation, organization and perfection. I've had passion for the Arts all my life, I love the expression, colors, and history every piece has to offer.  From collecting, viewing, and creating...are what inspires me to learn techniques and to use those to generate pieces to my fullest abilty.
Sincerely Yours