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Jose L. Rodriguez

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Untitled 1, 2011, Digital Photography, 24X20
Untitled 2, 2011, Digital Photography, 26X20
Untitled 3, 2011, Digital Photography, 20X26
Untitled 4, 2011, Digital Photography, 26X20
Untitled 5, 2011, Digital Photography, 20X24
Jose L.
Artist's Statement

This project is a figure study of the male body portrayed in images reminiscent of the Classical and Hellenistic period. In the Classical period the male body was portrayed as perfection and seen as a connection to the gods, with emphasis on the form and little to no movement. In contrast, during the Hellenistic period the male figure became more naturalistic and less idealized as beauty and physical perfection, and the depiction of movement and asymmetrical poses were common. In my project I wanted to show the skin texture and anatomic structure of the male torso. I chose to portray the ruggedness and form of the male body using lighting to emphasize the form.


My name is Jose Luis Rodriguez and I am a graduate from Hobart College in Geneva, NY with a Bachelors of arts in Studio Arts . Originally from New York City I have always been surrounded and fascinated by the arts, which is what led me to pursuing a degree. I studied various realms of art such as painting, drawing, metal-sculpting, 3D design, photoscreen and intaglio printing, video, and last but not least photography. I have also participated in the Hobart and William Smith's 2009 Arts Collective Annual Fashion show in which I designed and created a Fashion Line. I am a recipient of the Arthur Dove Award and one of my artworks has been made part of the Hobart and William Smith Colleges permanent collection.