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Jorge Rojas

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I’m interested in creating environments, both in physical and online space, where communicative and social encounters between th
Glue was shot during My space: Guadalajara, an interactive performance piece where I lived and worked for one week inside the st
Artist's Statement

I use both traditional and new media, as well as performative elements, to create works that explore the creation and processes involved in artistic production. In recent years, my artistic practice has consisted primarily of performance and video work as I investigate communication systems and the effect of technology on social structures and communities. By examining the relationships between artist, viewer, and artwork, I explore how we communicate, how we perceive one another, and why we adopt and play out certain roles within our societies. Participatory action and interactivity are also present in my work as I construct environments where communicative and social encounters between the public and the artist/artwork can take place.


Jorge Rojas is a multidisciplinary artist and curator whose work centers on the creation and processes involved in artistic production. He studied Art at the University of Utah and at Bellas Artes- El Nigromante in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Rojas has exhibited in galleries and museums across Mexico, the United States and India including Queens Museum of Art (New York), New World Museum (Houston), Ex Convento del Carmen (Guadalajara), White Box (New York), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (Los Angeles), Diaspora Vibe Gallery (Miami) and West Chicago City Museum (West Chicago). His work is included in numerous private and public collections including The Mexican Museum (San Francisco) and Museum of Latin American Art (Long Beach). Rojas lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He was born in Morelos, Mexico. For related ingo, see Projects age at