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Jordan!™ Baker-Caldwell

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Robert L'éponge - Bronze and Forged Steel
Enron the Octopu$ - Forged Steel
The Wu (Wu-Tang) - Fabricated Steel
EXCELSIOR; - Fabricated Steel
Flight Internal - Fabricated Steel
Artist's Statement

I make Art that speaks of the now.


Shows and Exhibitions
Urban Pulse
Renaissance Fine Art - Group Show, Curated by Jordan Baker-Caldwell - January, 2010, NY, NY
The Little Things
Gray Krauss, LLP– Group Show, in conjunction with Sound of Art – Septber 2009, NY, NY
Solo Exhibition
The Gem Hotel – Solo Exhibition of the sculpture “Flight Internal,” currently on display, October 2009, NY, NY
Breaking the Mold
Hudson Hotel – Group Show, in conjunction with Sound of Art – September 2008, NY, NY

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