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Empathy, 2013
Empathy, 2013
Empathy, 2013
Artist's Statement

My work explores the idea of a spacewomb. This concept is my suggestion of an ideal human lifestyle. Life in the spacewomb disregards the racial and individual differences of human beings and strives to connect each individual to one another telepathically. Formulating from my imagination, I envision fluids, symbolizing human beings, wandering around a neutral space with protection, like in a mother’s womb. In this womb, these fluids reincarnate after every life cycle and also transforms in different spiritual stages.


Jongwang Lee is an artist who currently lives and works in the New York City area. He has spent his early career as an artist in South Korea and Japan. These places had a great influence on his subject matter both stylistically and developmentally.

The paintings here are a reasonable exploration of our nature and imaginative space that is beyond the realm of a materialistic environment. The sculptural effect of his paintings are obtained by the paint underneath that peers through layers of resin and creates an intact view of depth. This senses a feeling of space and separate existence of his framed paintings. In a way, it suggests a contemplation about where we come from and how we console ourselves in the materialistic world.