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Jongheon Kim

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Title: Dehumanization, Oil Painting on Stainless Steel, Size: 72" X43"
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Title: Chemical Attack in Syria, Oil Painting on Stainless Steel, Size: 72" X43"
Artist's Statement

In my paintings, I capture the moments of time in the lives of people facing injustice, hate and violence around the world today. My paintings hold the delicate array of sentiments surrounding the burning social issues of our time
that deeply impact individual lives and society as a whole.

I paint to express the deep sense of hopelessness and emptiness that
comes from acknowledging the instances of social injustices, inequities
and calamities of the world. and feeling helpless in the face of it all.
Through my paintings, I reserve a deep silence for the empathy and compassion.

Viewers are invited to relate to the inaccessible experiences of the
portrayed protagonists in the painting. The spaces on the canvas or the mirror leave room for individual process and
inspire emotional connection and engagement with the subject.



Henry Kim began his art career in painting, video installation, and kinetic work. Since 2015, he has focused on painting. His recent paintings are about social issues, especially current events he wishes had not occurred. Each work captures only part of a current event — the unpainted part represents emptiness, incompletion, and blindness to the truth, the last of which implies complexity, suppression, dehumanization, and unrevealed facts within our society. Kim received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his MFA from Pratt Institute. Twelve years ago, he founded Nowbyte, an advertising and marketing agency that he still runs today. Born in Seoul, Korea, Kim is now based in New York.