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Jonathan Podwil

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
112589 (TRIAL), 2010 oil on linen 23x30"
MEETING, 1983 (PROTOTYPE) 2006 oil on linen 16x20"
STATE OF THE UNION, 2008 oil on linen 36x48"
112263 (PROLOGUE), 2011 oil on linen 11x14"
Artist's Statement

With all of my work, I try to convey maximum emotion through sensuous brushwork, tonality, and color while keeping my distance from the subject matter, as if it were a fading memory or, as is often the case, a historical event or a classic film which is layered over by newer, equally compelling events or cinematic accomplishments. This distance is often achieved only after multiple renditions of the same image, varying in scale, cropping, and the inevitable variations of the hand-reproduced image. In the end, they becomes layered over by repetition just as the events they depict fade in the collective memory of those who witnessed them. The critic David Cohen described my work as having "at once symbolist charge and postmodern affectlessness". In a way, my work betrays my fascination with the fact that even the most compelling images become worn and faded by time.


Jonathan Podwil
b. 1966 Philadelphia

Malmö Forum, Sweden, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts/University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

2007 Plane Space, New York
2002 Plane Space, New York
2000 T19, Vienna
1998 AU Base, New York

2009 "Galleri Rostrum, Malmö, Sweden
2008 "Le Grand Miel" Atelier 63 Leipzigerstrasse, Berlin
"Gangbusters", Plane Space, New York
"Nightmares & Dreamscapes" Galeria Alberto Peola, Torino

2011 Saatchi Gallery Online Magazine Editor’s Pick – Top International Shows: April 4 – April 10, 2011
2007 The New Yorker, Goings on Around Town, Review of "Meeting 1983" at Plane Space February 5, 2007
2003 Williams, Gregory "Jonathan Podwil at Plane Space" ARTFORUM