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Jonathan Beer

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
We make our destinies through the gods we choose. 2011, Oil on Canvas, 52 " x 65.”
Kilo 2011, Oil on Canvas, 24 " x 28.”
The First Denial. 2011, Oil on Panel, 12 " x 12.”
Untitled. 2011, Oil on Prepared Paper, 8" x 10.”
Court of the Universe II. 2011, Oil on Prepared Paper, 6 " x 7.”
Artist's Statement

Sometimes I have to blow a hole in history to find a place in it. A sort of demolition or clearing of a plot of land. Sometimes I have to build theoretical buildings for moments that have some romantic significance in my history. Sometimes I have to make these theoretical places and then own up to the fact that they are romantic artificial memories, memories that belong to a past place and time that are not my own, they belong to the experiences and culture of my ancestors. I have to recognize that these places cannot be entered again – and in denying access (in a formal way) and subsequently deny access to the viewer.

In this way I reconcile the limited depth of my direct history and augment it with continuities I share with my ‘past,’ but not directly born from the past. Introducing experiential components that are mine – a love of landscape, of architecture and of modernism into a socio-historical past that is not my own.


Biography / CV
b. 1988, New Orleans, LA. Lives and works in New York.

2012 - MFA in Painting. New York Academy of Art, New York.
2010 - BFA in Illustration. School of Visual Arts, New York.
2010 - Escola Superior de Disseny i d’Art Llotja, Barcelona, Spain
One month intensive study with Tom Carr & Carmen Miguel.