Jon Handel

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Artist's Statement

Jon Handel is an artist residing in New York City. His love for art began with the need to fill a high school elective class, an old Pentax K1000 and a few inspiring words from his mom. Jon works predominantly in photography, sculpture, collage, abstract painting, conceptual art and graphic design. He draws inspiration from city life, reading, creative people, "twisted" films and travel.

His photography derives from three simple words: Shoot, shoot, shoot. All of his photographs have been shot in Digital C format and taken in various cities in both the United States and Europe. This work focuses on New York City (its neighborhoods and inhabitants), lines/angles, vivid colors, decay and human obscurity.


His work has been featured in Vice Magazine, Cool'eh Magazine, New York Press, Day in the Lyfe Magazine,, The National Museum of Mexican Art (Chicago, IL), Pulse Art Fair (Miami, FL), C.C.C.P. Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), C'Fizz (Brooklyn, NY)