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Jon Barwick

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Big Bang!" 120" x 120" paper, mixed media installed on wall
"Overload" 200" x 120" mixed media on 15 canvases
"Quark" 18" x 24" ink on paper
"Technoscape" 40" x 40" mixed media on canvas
"Multiverse" 96" x 84" acrylic on canvas
Artist's Statement

I construct paintings, mixed media collages, and installations that acknowledge the hyper-paced, technology-driven, media-saturated society in which we live. The multi-layered compositions reflect the complexities of the information age, and capture the singular moment of everything happening at once.
Imagery for these works originates as drawings and doodles but may be scanned, photographed, manipulated, traced, and printed before reaching the final composition. By maintaining a constant dialogue between the hand-drawn and computer-generated, I create visual metaphors for our day-to-day interaction with technology.
Though components of my work are carefully predetermined, I assemble the various elements in a process that is spontaneous and improvisational. Each mark made suggests another one. By re-presenting snapshots of visual information, I offer a glimpse into an other-dimensional, idiosyncratic realm.


Jon Barwick received his MFA from The University of Georgia in 2009. A native southerner, he now lives and works in NYC. He recently had a solo exhibition, "More is More" at Amos Eno Gallery in Brooklyn. Since graduating, he has exhibited work in NYC, Chicago, LA, Miami, Atlanta, and Berlin. He will be in an upcoming exhibition in China this summer.