Jomar Statkun

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Defect Today! Office, Vol. 1 Printouts on paper, tape, clear contact paper, desk, chairs, permanent marker and right angle ruler
Philippine Islands, crown molding (wood) with light inside – with wood veneer face & laser engraved drawing
David Fagen’s Defection Office,2010,Artist crown and floor molding, pencil on paper drawings with light
A Barnes Variation (Original Diamond Installation),2009,Artist lightbox sculptures, drawings, paintings and prints.
Portrait of General Jacob Hurd Smith. laser engraving technique and allowing the thick matboard support to burn while drawing
Artist's Statement

“Jomar Statkun, also first and foremost a painter and printer, has several projects networked into a treatment of world history and art history. He has a gorgeous on going series of prints, drawings, paintings, and installations created for a body of work called “Defect Today”. In a sequence of this production are depictions of scenes with some real and some fabled heroes from Philippine American War. The title of this study on this historic battle for Filipino independence is in part inspired by a Black American soldier/infantryman David Fagen who defected from the American forces sent to the Philippines, and fought bravely and quite effectively with the Filipino Army."
- Christopher Stackhouse