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Joe Lugara

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
"Little No Man's Land" (acrylic) 48" x 12"
"The Essex" (acrylic) 24" x 24"
"Natural Radar" (acrylic) 28" x 22"
"This Must Be How They Propagate" (oil) 30" x 15"
"Easy" (oil) 24" x 24"
Artist's Statement

Many years ago I was a film student. Silly as it now seems, what I wanted was to make horror films. Growing up I loved the horror films of the 30s and 40s made by Universal Studios and as a young filmmaker I wanted to capture and build on their visual style and knack for running imaginatively amuck. I don’t produce Draculas and Frankensteins anymore, although I can say with confidence that something of the spirit of those films has remained in my work: that sense they had that the world is a mysteriously appealing, but also mysteriously perilous, place, something to be approached with both wonder and caution. I’m not referring to the exaggerated ideas of good and evil, but to ambiguousness, to the dangers that exist in even the most innocuous-looking things. Some of my pictures, I admit, are pretty. But that doesn’t mean they’re benign. They should cause you to ask, “If that shape in the painting were real, would I touch it?”


2009: Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters Gallery
2009: Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Corporate Headquarters
2008: The Gallery: A Public-Private Partnership (Summit [NJ] Public Library & Visual Arts Center of New Jersey)
2007: Schering-Plough Corporation World Headquarters (Merck)
2006: Atlantic City Art Center
2006: The Library of the Chathams

2014 Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, NYC
2013 Curious Matter, Jersey City NJ, A Time in Arcadia
2012 Proteus Gowanus, Brooklyn NY, The Fool’s Journey
2012 New Jersey Arts Incubator, Mudluscious
2011 Bergen Community College (Gallery Bergen) NJ, In Sight
2008: 80 Washington Square East Galleries, New York City, Small Works
2007: Visual Arts Center of New Jersey
2006: Nicholas F. Rizzo Fine Arts, Non-Objective Works on Paper
2006: Arts Guild of Rahway, Merck Show
2005: 80 Washington Square East Galleries, NYC (Juried) Small Works