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Joe Fusaro

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"Someday", 2008- mixed-media on paper panels, 22 ¾ x 7”
"Scroll Series", 2009- ink and pencil on paper scrolls (installation at Garnerville Arts Center)
"Bather", 2007- acrylic, graphite, gesso, wax on canvas, 22 x 53"
"Hurray (it's Over)", 2010- ink, acrylic and 35mm photo on wood, 14 x 16"
"No", 2010- mixed-media on metal, 6 x 14"
Artist's Statement

The language of the human figure interests me, but at the same time I am intensely interested in how media can come together in order to get the viewer to look AGAIN. Making the viewer look into my work is more important than having lots of people look at it. If someone reflects on a time in their life when a certain memory, especially an uncomfortable one, is suddenly recalled in a new way (an injury or first haircut, for example), I am always pleased. Having the opportunity to work with imagery and themes that can be awkward and simultaneously beautiful is something that I savor.


Joe Fusaro creates paintings, drawings, and mixed-media works inspired by the language of the human figure. His influences stem from the raw emotion and stories shared through simple gestures and movement. Mixed-media works, including collage, explore chance imagery coming together to initiate new stories or trigger past memories.

Most recently, Fusaro exhibited at the GAGA Arts Center for the solo show, Plumgoneperhapsfar, which was featured in a front page Journal News arts review on June 12, 2009. Kickstart Gallery in Manhattan awarded him a solo exhibition featuring over twenty new works in 2004 and seventeen pieces were exhibited in 2003 at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Joe Fusaro is the Visual Arts Chair for the Nyack Public Schools in New York, Senior Education Advisor for the PBS series, Art21, and an adjunct professor at New York University.

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