JoAnne McFarland

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Studio Location
Woman tries to sell human heart for gas
Immigrant peppered with forty-one bullets
Rebels Attack Dissidents In Sunni Haven
Four white youths knife Mexican teen at spring bash
Bound and beaten, woman still lives to tell all
Artist's Statement

In Use in a Sentence the concrete world, expressed through oil paintings of fruits and vegetables and other tangible objects, is juxtaposed with the abstract world, expressed through sentences related to these objects. The paintings allude to the tradition of botanical printmaking, and in that way hearken back to an idealized past. By contrast, the sentences, by turns journalistic, political, or erotic, evoke moods of personal and/or cultural aggression. The language component of each piece creates a story in the mind of the viewer that disrupts the sensuous image. The import of the sentences is elastic, not easily fixed; they, in fact, rely on a linguistic accord between artist and viewer in order to gain ‘meaning’.


B.A./ English Princeton University Princeton, NJ
Graduate Studies/ Fine Arts Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY

Selected Feature Exhibitions
2010 Acid Rain A.I.R. Gallery Brooklyn, NY
2009 JoAnne McFarland Suffolk County Community College Brentwood, NY
2007 Seeing the Light A.I.R. Gallery NYC
2005 Paintings in Light: The Studio Aspect The Monster Gallery Brooklyn, NY
1997 New Work June Kelly Gallery NYC
1995 Nativities A.I.R. Gallery II NYC
1992 Works on Paper June Kelly Gallery NYC
1986 Works on Plexiglass Phoenix Gallery NYC
1984 Pastels Phoenix Gallery NYC

Selected Group Exhibitions
2010 The BlackArtist As Activist The Corridor Gallery Curators: Danny Simmons and Joi Sears Brooklyn, NY
2009 BROOKLYN 440 Gallery Curator: Florence Neal Brooklyn, NY
2009 Does Gender Matter?: He/She/It — Third Person Singular The Art Institute of Boston Boston, MA