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Joanna Platt

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
End of the Line 2010
Stop/Start 2010
Powerlines 2009
Transmission (small version) 2010
Artist's Statement


When I really need to think, I go traveling, substituting motion for purpose, watching other lives pass through moving windows. Internalizing the motion of the journey, the framed views add insight to information. I immerse my self in the system of highways, railroad tracks and flight patterns. These passageways weld thoughts together like roads connect landscape. Scenery through windshield, neurons firing across the synapse, loose thoughts come together in the repetition and order of these constructed systems. In this work, I have been exploring electronic passageways by making movies of my travels, and burying the recorded images in models of the electrical system of a building. Walls become the paper on which I draw vessels with steel and plastic tubing and conduit. The boxes magnify tiny details; pull the outside space into new territories deeper inside the circuitry.


2009 MFA Sculpture, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
2011 The Journey, Gallery B543, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Making It, Caplan Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Chunches De Mar, Galería Nacional, San Jose, Costa Rica
2009 Senior Thesis Show, Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2009 Give and Take, Cora Miller Gallery, York College, York, PA
2009 Sloss Furnace Historic Landmark, Birmingham, AL
2008 WIP Show, Hamilton And Arronson Galleries, Philadelphia, PA
2008 Chunches De Mar, Galería Nacional, San Jose, Costa Rica
2007 Rebooted: Life after E-Junk, Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI
2006 666,Off the Wall Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2004 Introspective Images, Capitol Arts Network, Bethesda, MD
2003 The Sum of Its Parts (solo show), Extension Gallery, Mercerville, NJ
2003 Viva la Atelier, 3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia, PA