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Joan Grubin

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"Exhalation #2" (detail) acrylic on paper, acrylic and graphite on wall 143" x 186" x 4" 2007
"Exhalation #2" (detail) acrylic on paper, acrylic and graphite on wall 143" x 186" x 4" 2007
"Flotsam" (detail of work-in-progress) acrylic on paper 2010
"Lattice #5" acrylic on paper 29.5" x 30.5" 2009
"Visitation #3" acrylic on paper 30" x 22" 2007
Artist's Statement

My work is a hybrid combining painting, sculpture, and installation that uses color and light to explore the act of seeing. Each piece is an interaction between color as pigment and color as light, often conflating the two in spatially ambiguous ways. Drawing on the vocabulary of geometric abstraction, and deploying reflected color from unseen fluorescent paint, I orchestrate optical experiences which raise questions about the discrepancy between what we see and what we know. Part of the meaning of my work resides in the tension created between maximum optical energy and minimal physical materiality.


Joan Grubin is a Brooklyn-based visual artist who makes dimensional installations in paper. Her work is rooted in the vocabulary of minimalist geometric painting and deals with issues of perception and color. Her intention is to engage the viewer through an optically disorienting ambiguity of space that gives rise to a tension between what is materially present and what is not. She has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions in and around the New York area, has been a finalist for a Percent for Art public art commission, and was awarded a 2008 Fellowship in Painting from the New York Foundation for the Arts.