Joachim Marx

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Artist's Statement

In most cases I start my paintings by applying acrylic medium, gesso and pigments in an observing, almost arbitrary manner. I work abstract, using acrylic and oil paints as well as other materials, adding many layers until an illusion of space opens up in the surface. Into this space I place the figure. My figures are usually painted from imagination or occasionally from a drawing done from imagination. I use a lot of clear acrylic medium. The transparent and semi transparent layers produce the perception of depth. Geometrically constructed perspectives add to this perception. On the flat surface of the canvas I want to suggest a deep but undefined space. There is an interesting tension and contradiction between the flat, textured surface and the illusion of depth. The figures are placed between these material layers and a perceived beyond.


Joachim Marx, born 1960 in Germany, received his MFA in 1991 from the New York Academy of Art. He has exhibited in numerous shows in commercial galleries, public spaces and museums in the US as well as in Germany. He also designed church windows. German public television featured him in a 30 min documentary called "Marx and the Culture of Contradiction" in 1993.