Jinny Yu

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Ball; Studio Work Number 37; Ball; Column; Stalker, installed at Ottawa Art Gallery, various dimension and materials, 2014
Studio Work Number 37, ink, glass, tape, aluminum, mirror, 25" x 45" x 7", 2014
Black Matter, ink on aluminum, 69"x43", 2013
Painting, Painting, Painting, oil on aluminum and wall, 25" x 50" x ½", 2014
Non-Painting Painting, oil on aluminum, 23.5’’x 19’’x 19’’, 2012
Artist's Statement

In my work, I question the nature of the medium of painting as a means of trying to understand the world around us. I attempt simultaneously to scrutinize the conventions of painting and to explore new possibilities within it. Oscillating between the fields of abstract painting and concrete surfaces, I seek out and attempt to depict aspects of painting both before and beyond pictorial space while drawing attention to the act of painting as bodily and time-based praxis. I frequently paint with oil on aluminum and mirrors, the nature of whose surfaces comprise a pictorial space that precedes my painting, since as an aspect of their very materiality, they reflect the worlds around them. By painting on such surfaces, I begin where painting often ends, with images of the world, and though my painting is generally abstract, it is never entirely separated from representation and necessarily reflects socio-political reality.


Jinny Yu's work has been shown widely, including exhibitions at the ISCP Gallery (Brooklyn), Pulse New York (NY), Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation (Venice), Kunst Doc Art Gallery (Seoul), the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art (Kyoto), the Conduit Street Gallery, Sotheby's (London), Carleton University Art Gallery (Ottawa), the Confederation Centre Art Gallery (Charlottetown), and McMaster Museum of Art (Hamilton). Yu, who is Associate Professor of Painting at the University of Ottawa, was awarded the Mid-Career Artist Award by Council for the Arts in Ottawa in 2013; Laura Ciruls Painting Award from Ontario Arts Foundation in 2012; and was a finalist for the Pulse Prize New York 2011.