Jimena Montemayor, Jimojunk

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Silver Lining installation. Aluminum tape. 2013
"Palpitaciones" on different mixed media and "TGIF" and other works. 2013/2014
"A ellas les gusta el chisme". Sharpie on paper board. 2014
"Horizontes" and personal photos. Mixed media collage. 2012
1) Interior PLAGA installations. Gaffer tape. 2) "Dioses y Diosas". Set of 12, sharpie on vellum. 2013/2014
Montemayor, Jimojunk
Artist's Statement


Symmetry, minimal aesthetics, vivid color palettes and white space convey her style revealing her contemporary interpretations of objects, nature, people, and abstract shapes. Visual energy is her drive.


Jimena Montemayor (24), also known as Jimo or Jimojunk, is a graphic artist and illustrator. Born and raised in Mexico City until her early teens, she then moved to Switzerland and later Miami where she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami in Graphic Design and Visual Journalism. Currently based in Brooklyn NY, Jimo takes part in both aspects of art making. Balancing between graphic designing for a fashion company as well as previously for a Cónde Nast publication, and her own personal artwork.

Her line digital prints and hand drawn pieces, PLAGA installations, and mixed media work has been published and exhibited in numerous magazines, art platforms and art shows including The Wild Magazine, Cream Magazine, Allure, CMYK, Horst und Edeltraut, FAD México, Brickell Magazine, Miami Art Basel’13 and other individual and collaborative shows in Miami, New York and Mexico City.