Jim Nickel

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Eastern Hemlock Venture Piece, 2014, 70"x156"x20", enamel on 3" Eastern Hemlock
Large Taped Piece, 2013, 40"x124"x22", adhesive tape over cherry plywood
Venture Piece #46, 2015, 32"x52"x13", enamel on hard maple
Venture Piece #45 (Bank of America), 2016, 39"x42"x16", enamel on hard maple
Venture Piece #27, 2014, 30"x32"x11", enamel on white oak
Artist's Statement

Inherent in my sculpture is "the given," usually a piece of wood, an attitude of conservation, and its material re-configuration.

In the "Venture Series," I take a large, precut slab of wood with live edges; I apply a black and white enamel grid that references commerce, I slice the material according to geometric ratios, and reassemble the piece losing only sawdust. In "The Taped Pieces," I do much the same but bandage the surface with adhesive tapes.

The goal is to find a satisfying abstraction that calmly relates to our being here and now.


Bio/Resume can be found on the website: jim-nickel.com