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Jim Denney

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Ark, oil on canvas, 4 x 14', 2012
Bonanza, oil on canvas, 69 x 69", 2011
Home Base, sumi ink on paper, 4 x 7', 2012
Thunderbird (Ring of Fire), oil on canvas, 48 x 48
The Road, oil on canvas, 24 x 36, 2012
Artist's Statement

Surrounded by the spectacle of our great success as a species, my work is a
comment on where we find ourselves today. If you consider nature to be the
part of the world unchanged by man, then nature is at an end. We have is a
constructed world, often transformed into a kind of ruin. My work attempts
to understand the hubris, greed, and ignorance of so many of my fellow
citizens concerning the history and mechanics of our planet—many of whom
believe global climate change is a fabrication and that humans saddled up
dinosaurs. I draw and paint buildings ruined before they’re completed,
tables and sculptures I’ve made of discarded steel and salvaged wood. I make
pictures from fragments of the natural world; fire, water and biology;
photographs of my own history and travels. Often I include images of
religious icons, monuments, and steel skeletons. I’m interested in slow rust
and fast fire.


Norwood, NYC
Temple Gall/Tyler Sch of Art, Phila
Jacobs Gall, Hult Ctr Arts, Eugene
Maude I. Kerns Ctr, Eugene
Concept Art, Pgh
Gabrielle Bryers, NY
Cleveland St Gall
Mokotoff, NY
Hewlett Gall, Pgh
Projectspace, OR
Zenith, Pgh

Sm Works - NYU
Curator's Choice, Alt Mus, NY
Transformative Vision: Cont Amer Landscape
Carnegie Mus, Pgh
7 New Artists, Carnegie Mus, Pgh
Urban Pulses: Artist & City, Frick Fine Arts, Pgh
9 Painters, Louis K. Meisel , NYC
20 Anniv Exhibit - Jacobs, Hult Ctr Arts, Eugene
Intimate Presence, Jayne H. Baum, NY
Seeing the Forest, Oregon State U
Artist as Activist: Eco Concerns in 90s, E. Carolina St U
Tacoma Art Mus: NW Biennial; Fallen Timber
Preservation of Nature, Schmidt Bingham, NY
Unconventional Landscape, Kohler Ctr, WN
Amer Culture Today, La Foret Mus, Tokyo
Paper, Bklyn War Memorial
Director’s Choice, Ptd Center Vis Arts, OR