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Ji Youn Hong

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
I created a make-believe archaeological site where “future” people were invited to excavate plastic toys
I build a closet, which I use as “my working place” in order to tell a story which is neither true or false.
I use diverse methods to track the person. the numerous remnants collected as evidence since October 8, 2011 in the story.
I must also collect evidence of myself, such as fingerprints, hair, and nails, in order to distinguish between mine and hers
I wrote an anthropological story of a newly discovered fictional tribe that worships plastic toys and also fabricated photos
Ji Youn
Artist's Statement

Not every fact can be experienced as facts as we all have different belief system. The dual inscription of the physical and the imaginary within the real can be made apparent un-paradoxically by creating installations with objects and stories that re-combine fact and fiction. Again, fiction can be experienced as real. It is up to the viewer to discern to what degree the displayed experience is real.

I create aura of fictional story using tension among different mediums like that of archaeology excavation. Since art become a tool to understand my existence and my desire to reconsider history of my life, my work become sharing similar methodology with archeology in terms of analysis, recover and reinterprete based upon its interaction between my knowledge and perception on things.


2012 Yaddo residency

2012 Ox- bow residency, Saugatauk, MI

2012-2010 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Master of Fine Art, Painting Department (full scholarship)

2011 Art Farm Residency Program, Marquette, Nebraska

2010-2006 School of Visual Arts, New York, New York
Bachelor of Fine Arts (scholarship)