Jessica Stoller

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Studio Location
Untitled, 2010, porcelain, china paint, decal, 12”x 5.25 ”x 4”
Untitled, 2010, porcelain, china paint, 5" x 7.5" x 5.5"
Untitled, 2009, porcelain, china paint, mdf, 11”x 19” x 9”
Untitled, 2009, porcelain, china paint, 6”x8”x6.5”
Untitled, 2010, porcelain, china paint, foam, paint, 7.5 ”x 9 ”x 12”
Artist's Statement

My work reflects distortions of idealized girlhood fantasies by depicting ominous fairytale scenes that interpret female psychic connections to the natural world, and expose societal perceptions of virginal weakness and sexual power. In my work I use a technique of lace draping; this method was developed in the 18th century when Dresden decorators dipped real lace in liquid porcelain and laboriously applied it to various Rococo style figurines. In my current work I have been using this technique over ceramic figures displayed in settings and poses that explore themes of costume, consumption, and martyrdom within idealized femininity.


Jessica Stoller studied ceramics at Cranbrook Art Academy and holds her MFA in Fine Art. She also has her BFA from College for Creative Studies. Jessica has exhibited her work in numerous shows throughout the US and in Berlin, Germany. Her work has been shown at Cranbrook Art Museum, The Clay Studio, Brooklyn Artist Gym, Paul Kotula Projects and Center Galleries in Detroit, MI. Her work is also published in 500 Cups, by Suzanne J. E. Tourtillot. She was awarded the Daimler Chrysler Emerging Artist Nominee and has also lectured and served as a guest critic at numerous colleges, specially California State Long Beach and Portland State University.