Jessica Maffia

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Studio Location
12,960 Minutes of Silence_2013_pencil on paper_72x66" (Photorealistic pencil drawing of a wall)
Korea_2015_graphite and colored pencil on paper_55x40" (Photorealistic pencil drawing of a wall)
All the Words Spilled Out_2013_pencil on paper_44x30" (Photorealistic pencil drawing of a wall)
Untitled (Door)_2015_graphite and colored pencil on paper_30x44" (Photorealistic pencil drawing of a wall)
That's Never Going to Heal_2012_pencil on paper_24x18" (Photorealistic pencil drawing of a wall)
Artist's Statement

I have been seduced by the rich mark-making of decay, residue, and cracks on aging surfaces. I consider these marks unintentional, found works of art and am compelled by the idea of recognizing them as Art. I find these imperfect, otherwise overlooked subjects intensely beautiful. Through determined observation and with excruciating care, I have painstakingly rendered these wall-markings in pencil on paper. Drawing them reveres them because the process is an obsessive, devotional practice. Each drawing takes weeks, sometimes months to make and requires a sharply focused, meditative state of mind. The results are extremely detailed photorealistic renderings that comment on time, both the time it took me to create them and the residue of time left by the forces of nature. My intention is for the viewer to be seduced by these marks as I have been. This work is my effort to illuminate the sacred in the trivial.


Jessica Maffia is a visual artist born and raised in NYC. Her art seeks the poetry in the mundane. She has been exhibiting her work throughout the US since 2009. Jessica exhibited 19 of her large, photorealistic pencil drawings during her solo exhibition at Denise Bibro Fine Art in September 2015. Her work was featured on the cover of Fabio Gironi's philosophy book Naturalizing Badiou: Mathematical Ontology and Structural Realism and several of her drawings can be found in the flat files of Pierogi gallery in downtown Manhattan. Jessica has been awarded 6 artist residency fellowships since 2014 at the Byrdcliffe Art Colony, Brush Creek Artist retreat, New York Mills Arts Retreat, 2 fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center, and she looks forward to attending the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Artist Residency in the fall of 2016 for 3 months.

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