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Jessica Laino

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Artist's Statement

Jessie Laino
Artist statement
I question what creates my reality, what ignites pleasure, what provokes confidence and ease. I wonder about my existing atmosphere and my context and how I fit within it. What creates anxiety and what winds it down. I search for a soul, an essence, a bond. Reaching for the luminous moment of calm or peace. Exploring how one constructs their surroundings, absorbs the outcomes and reacts intuitively. Reviving, luring and recalling memories, emotions and facts, through imagery, material, installation and performance, provoking a need to digest, cope and confront these reactions.


08/07 – 04/11 New World School of the Arts Miami, FL
08/04 - 05/06 Kansas City Art Institute Kansas City, MO
2011 TINA WHITE: MY FRIEND-F.S.G (Project Space) New York City, NY
2011 Merzbau - Now - Fredric Snitzer Gallery Miami, FL
2011 Home : Dream Home - Praxis International Art Miami, FL
2011 POST_______ - NWSA BFA Show Miami, FL
2010 HOT BED Miami - Fountain Art Fair Miami, FL
2010 New Frontier - Christopher Miro Gallery Miami, FL
2010 Hairball Cosmology - Kelly Roy Gallery Miami, FL