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Jessica Lagunas

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“Para verte mejor” (“The Better to See You With”), 2005, 57 minutes 37 seconds. Production stills from video-performance.
“Para besarte mejor” (“The Better to Kiss You With”), 2003, 57 minutes 48 seconds. Production stills from video-performance.
“Forever Young” Series (Details), 2004-2010. Diameter 6” each. Ongoing embroideries of my current age with my gray hairs.
“Memories of Our Wedding”, 2008. Installation of 20 wedding gowns borrowed from women no matter their current marital status.
“Special Days”, 2007-8. Detail and installation views of etchings on fabric of biopsies from different days of menstrual cycle.
Artist's Statement

My work deals with the condition of woman in contemporary society, questioning her obsessions with body image, beauty, sexuality and ageing. With a minimalist approach—and mostly conceptually based pieces—, I use different media such as video-performance, installations, embroidery and prints.

I’m interested in exploring the female body from within. In some video works I play along with women’s beauty rituals, performing them in exaggerated ways to reflect the pressures imposed by today’s societies. Lately I’ve been investigating biological processes and the way it affects our emotional states, such as menstruation and how the body regenerates each month, and growing old and having gray hair. Also I’m attracted to our relationships outside—with society—particularly with contractual alliances such as marriage, and the labels and conditions that the different marital status brings on women.


Jessica Lagunas is a NY-based Guatemalan artist. She participated in biennials of Museo del Barrio (NY, 2007), Tirana (Albania, 2005), Cuenca (Ecuador, 2001), Caribbean (Dominican Republic, 2001) and Guatemala (2008, 2010). Her work has been included at the Bronx Museum and Jersey City Museum, and cities in the US, UK, Guatemala, Venezuela and Italy.

She was selected artist for the Bronx Museum’s AIM program, and recently won a grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing Space Program at Governor’s Island (Aug-Dec 2010.) Her work is included in the anthology “Imagining Ourselves” by the International Museum of Women, San Francisco, CA, and in “Arte de las Américas” a DVD publication from ASPECT, Boston, MA.

In 2008 she won a Fellowship from the Urban Artist Initiative/NYC, and has been a recipient for 3 years of the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance’s Grant Program (NY, 2008-10).