Jeremy Jams

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
'Wallpaper Postcard Response Wallpaper'. Mail Art responses on photo paper and collaged into wallpaper. 2014
'Returns'. 11x17 ink on paper, 2015.
'X Wallpaper' and 'Floating Chair' Screen printed wallpaper. Screen printed collage framed.
'Somewhere to Hang my Hat'. 16x22 ink on paper, 2014.
'A Catalogue of Blue Chairs'. A spread from the book, 7"x14", 2 color Risograph
Artist's Statement

Jeremy Jams' practice incorporates many mediums and revolves around the creation of space through connection. Since 2012, Jeremy's mail art project 'Wallpaper Postcards' has been inviting participants to collaborate with screen printed and mailed postcards. Conversely in his drawings, Jams develops a visual language with furniture and objects filling improbably interior spaces. A third element is the blending of these two projects into varies other mediums; installations, books, websites, and beyond. By synthesizing all of these element Jams explores how space can be contained or expanded.


Jeremy Jams was born 1983 in Philadelphia and graduated from Tyler School of Art in 2005. In 2012 he moved to New York City and started his studio in Bushwick. In addition to drawing, screen printing, and book making, Jeremy has an ongoing Mail Art project. He has recently been in several shows at Printed Matter as well as The NY and LA Art Book Fairs. Jeremy has also appeared in shows at Sikkema Jenkins, University of Delaware, Crane Arts Philadelphia, Second State Press Philadelphia, and Bushwick Print Lab.